our green pledge

At Body of Knowledge Healing Arts we strive to apply all of the principles of Naturopathic Medicine. The Naturopathic Doctor’s Oath includes the precept: “preserve the planet for ourselves and future generations”.

We try to do our part in the following ways:

  • maintain a scent-free policy at the clinic
  • use 100% recycled paper and folders
  • participate in recycling and compost programs
  • use sheets and cotton gowns rather than paper ones
  • use only non-toxic, biodegradeable, scent-free cleaning agents
  • use and provide glass and ceramic drinking vessels
  • use CFC bulbs where able
  • use a carbon-block water filtration system for drinking water
  • promote clinic events through an e-newsletter, rather than a paper one
  • promote a plant-based, whole food, local, organic diet wherever possible

Have a suggestion for other green initiatives at the clinic? Let us know!

We’re a proud member of Green Enterprise Toronto – an online directory promoting local, environmentally responsible businesses, and offering discounts among member businesses.