Your longterm health goals are important to us.  We are confident that we have a program for you no matter what stage of life you’re in or what your health concerns may be.  All of our programs have a general format, but are then customized to suit your particular needs or goals.  Programs are prepaid packages which offer a significant savings.  Additionally, if you are submitting to an insurance plan, the cost of visits submitted to your insurer is divided evenly into an average price per visit – potentially stretching your insurance dollar further.  The following two options are available for all of our programs:

treeoflife the roots of health™

Explore the foundations of health grounded in the principles and philosophies of Naturopathic Medicine. We recommend this program to new patients. This six step program seeks to remove obstacles to health, while strengthening and nurturing the body’s organ systems; returning balance and healthy function.

Purchase the program as a package including your initial consultation, or begin any time after starting care at the clinic. The program will be tailored to your specific needs and health concerns, but will include all the key areas for promoting longterm wellness & prevention:

  • Healthy nutrition & digestion
  • Strong elimination function
  • Healthy lifestyle habits
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Tools & support to manage stress
  • Options for decreasing inflammation & promoting healing

Designed to: lower your risk for chronic disease, reduce toxic exposure, normalize digestive function, and achieve a higher level of health and overall feeling of well-being.

Body of Knowledge - Seasonal Detox and Preventionhealth for all seasons™

This next phase of treatment focuses on boosting the body’s detoxification systems, and offers preventative measures appropriate to each season.

“Season” in this instance, also refers to the seasons of your life. Our lives and our health are dynamic and ever-changing. Let us create a program that is in tune with Mother Nature and where you are in this moment of your life. This program follows naturally from our roots of health program™.

Program highlights include:

  • FALL: boost immunity, support the lungs, skin and large intestine, eliminate heavy metals or parasites
  • WINTER: protect your bones, kidneys, bladder and adrenal glands, attend to dental care, manage stress
  • SPRING: cleanse the blood, support the liver & gall bladder, attend to joints & tendons, allergies
  • SUMMER: reduce inflammation, love your heart, cleanse the arteries, attend to gums and digestion
  • PREVENTION: family and personal history, ethnicity, lab work and dietary & lifestyle habits will all be explored to determine the most effective strategies for your longterm wellness and prevention

Body of Knowledge - Preconception Couples Counselling preconception couples counselling™

So many aspects of our children’s health are determined at the moment of conception and during embryological development. If both parents work towards optimizing their own health prior to conception, they can have a dramatic impact on the genetic information they are passing on, and on the intrauterine environment during pregnancy.

A six to twelve month period of treatment is recommended prior to conception. We will follow the basic flow and content of our roots of health program™.

Body of Knowledge - Optimize your Weight lighten up™

Attaining and maintaining a healthy body weight reduces your risk for almost every major disease. Whether you’re struggling to shed some pounds, want to eat a healthier diet, better manage your diabetes, or get in shape, we have solutions! Forget about gimmicks, false promises and fad diets. We will provide a realistic, healthy and effective program for you.

Depending on your goals, we may recommend that you supplement this program with additional weekly or biweekly 20-minute “check-ins” to monitor progress, provide ongoing support & encouragement, and to help keep you on track to reaching your personal goals.

Additional Options:

Lighten Up Group (small group of 4-8 particpants, 8 Weekly Meetings x 75 minutes each:  lecture, handout, weigh-in and group discussion each session.)  Email us to inquire about dates & times or sign up for a group.  We can also arrange for a group at your home or place of business with a minimum of 8 participants.)

Or inquire about: Nutritional Consultations & Personalized Meal Plans.

Body of Knowledge - Heart Smarts heart smarts™

Do you suffer from: high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, circulatory problems, chest pain? Are you overweight, postmenopausal, over 50 years of age, or do you have a personal or family history of heart disease or stroke? Are you on any medications for any of the above-mentioned conditions?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions – this program is for you!

The Heart Smarts Program is a medically supervised program to prevent and treat cardiovascular conditions. We will conduct an assessment of your cardiovascular health and calculate your 10-year risk for developing heart disease, which includes an evaluation of your family history and personal risk factors. The treatment plan will be a multi-pronged approach, individualized to focus on your specific needs and areas of risk. Treatments used may include: diet and lifestyle counselling, stress management, and supportive therapies, such as herbal medicine and nutritional supplements. This program can help you to prevent or reduce reliance on pharmaceutical medications. We will work with your medical doctor, endocrinologist, and other health professionals to ensure proper maintenance of current medications.

*NOTE: Naturopathic Doctors are trained to recognize and understand drug interactions, and are able to make safe prescriptions of herbs, supplements and other therapeutic products or therapies to patients that are currently taking prescription drugs. While our hope is to reduce your reliance on medications, we will never advise you to stop taking the medications prescribed by your Medical Doctor.

student smart startsstudent smart starts™

Are you about to head off to university or college? Or perhaps you’re a parent or grandparent of a student, hoping to get them off to the best possible start.

Ever heard of the “freshman fifteen”? (If not, it alludes to the weight gain common to new post-secondary students.) Students beginning their post-secondary education face a lot of changes. And stress is nothing more than our ability to adapt to change. Many young adults are leaving home for the first time. Perhaps they’ve never had to grocery shop, cook, keep house, or manage their own time or finances before.

We’ve taken the basics from our roots of health program™, and tailored it to suit the needs of students. We’ll offer tips for coping with the stress associated with school and life changes, cover nutrition and lifestyle basics, and suggest simple practices for those new to cooking. We’ll help strengthen your immune system to prevent or minimize illness at exam time. And, as needed, we’ll explore issues common to young adults – like relationships, safer sex practices and disease prevention, appropriate alcohol consumption, body image issues, anxiety and mood disorders, etc.

This program makes an excellent high school graduation or off to college gift – and is available as a gift certificate through the clinic.