fall newsletter 2010

SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

The air is getting cooler and crisper, and the days shorter.  Soon it will be time to turn back the clock, cozy up with friends over brunch (see recipe!), and enjoy all the fabulous colours that fall has to offer.

As the season changes, we usher in a season of change for the clinic.  I’m very excited to welcome patients back and into my new home-based practice, starting TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5TH.  I am now located in the Bloor & Dovercourt area, a 5 minute walk from Ossington subway station on the Bloor line, and about a 12 minute drive from the old clinic location.  (Detailed directions are available upon booking your appointment.)  Please read the “Announcements” section with particular care to learn of some updates to our clinic policies.




I’ve just launched my new online schedule, which gives patients easy access to, and control of, booking and managing their visits.  You can view availability, book, change, or cancel an appointment, with at least 24 hours notice, and provide comments about what you’d like to address during the visit.  You will also receive an email confirmation of your booking, and an email reminder 3 days prior to your appointment.  A regularly monitored email address and valid credit card (to hold the appointment, not charged up front) will now be required for all bookings.

Click here to register and book an appointment now, or access my online schedule anytime from the top left corner of my website.


Should you miss, cancel or change a scheduled appointment with less than 24 hours notice, your account will be charged 100% of the cost of the scheduled visit – effective immediately. 


The HST (13%) came into effect July 1st, and I am now required to charge it on all services and products.  To this end, I spent a great deal of time exploring how I might create some savings for my patients.  I have decided to offer a modest reduction in my fees to help make up the difference created by the HST.  This is a reflection of my ongoing commitment to offer high quality and accessible care to my patients.  My new fee schedule is available in the Patient Centre section of the website.  Fees listed include HST, with the breakdown of the actual fee and HST in brackets.  Note that our annual programs (packages of 5 visits customized to your needs) offer significant savings, and fall into most people’s annual coverage through extended benefits programs.

You will also notice that my visits are now in standard 20, 40 or 60 minute durations (except initial consultations), regardless of discipline (naturopathy, acupuncture, nutritional counselling).  After your first two visits, I recommend a standard 40 minute follow-up, with 20 or 60 minute options available as requested at the time of booking.


Just a reminder that many insurance policies operate on a calendar year.  If that applies to your policy, note that there are only 3 months left to make use of any unused benefits you may have – so book your appointment this fall season. 


Preparing for Cold & Flu Season

While cold and flu viruses don’t respond to antibiotics, a Naturopathic Doctor can help support your immune system to prevent and minimize severity and duration of infections, using a natural approach to health. 


Immune Booster is a 40 minute Naturopathic consultation focused on strengthening your immune system to prevent cold & flu. Additionally, your ND can provide information on natural flu vaccination options.


By:  Jennifer Baer, RHN, ND 


Okay, so I rarely post recipes that involve dairy or wheat, but for this one, I’ll make an exception!  This fabulous new recipe may well become my signature brunch dish – crunchy, creamy, sweet and savoury – it truly covers all the bases. Serve with a simple salad of arugula & radicchio dressed with olive oil & aged balsamic.  Grilled figs make an excellent accompaniment. 

1 round whole grain/multigrain loaf (boule)

1 small red onion, small dice

1 Tbs olive oil

2 Tbs aged balsamic

1 Tbs maple syrup

4 cups baby spinach, washed & dried

200 g fresh sheep’s milk ricotta (trust me here, the stuff in the tub just ain’t the same!)

4 eggs

½ cup organic milk (cow, sheep, goat, almond, rice or soy)

Coarsely ground black pepper & sea salt

2 Tbs freshly grated parmesan (see note above re:  ricotta)

Preheat oven to 375F.  Meanwhile prepare boule and carmelize onions.  Using a tomato knife (small serrated knife), hollow out the boule leaving the crust intact and enough of a wall to contain the filling.  (Reserve bread for crumbs or croutons.)  Place on parchment lined baking sheet or square pyrex.  Reserve the top round of the boule.  Heat a pan, add half the olive oil, then add onions and sautee until soft and well-browned.  Add balsamic & maple syrup and cook another 1-2 minutes until sticky (not liquidy).  Set aside.  In same pan, add olive oil and cook spinach until just wilted (about 30-60 seconds).  Layer about half the onions at bottom of boule.  Top with ricotta, then spinach and then the rest of the onions.  Beat together eggs, milk, S+P and carefully pour into boule (do not over fill).  If your boule isn’t perfectly flat, you can use a little bunched up foil to bolster it and keep the egg mixture from overflowing.  Top with parmesan and bake for about 50 minutes until golden brown on top.  With reserved round of boule, brush lightly with olive oil and toast for last few minutes of baking (about 3 mins each side) – then rip into quarters to serve on the side – or leave intact for an attractive garnish.  I dare you not to love this recipe!