cosmetic acupuncture


Cosmetic acupuncture treatments at the clinic include:  Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and Clear Complexion Acupuncture. Take advantage of our packaged treatments for great savings.

In addition to her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine & acupuncture, Jennifer Baer, ND, is certified in Cosmetic Acupuncture. This means that Dr. Baer is able provide treatment that acts not only at a superficial level, but also on underlying conditions which may be contributing to signs of aging, poor complexion, or poor skin tone and turgor.  A portion of your treatments may be covered by extended health benefits.

See the article Dr. Baer was interviewed for in Canadian Living Magazine.

facial rejuvenation acupuncture (FRA)

FRA aims to correct the signs of aging.  Through both local and constitutional treatment, we will address not only the aesthetics, but also the underlying cause(s) and any constitutional imbalance.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture has been shown to:

  • improve muscle tone and dermal contraction in the face and neck

  • increase and disperse collagen helping to firm the skin and fill out fine lines

  • significantly reduce sagging around the eyes, jowls and cheeks

  • significantly increase metabolism and circulation to reduce puffiness & improve the complexion

  • improve conditions like acne and overly dry skin

  • alleviate emotional distress, which often expresses itself in the face

  • increase self-esteem

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clear complexion acupuncture

Clear Complexion acupuncture treatments follow the same principles as FRA, but are focused on skin colour, texture, and clarity.  Conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, redness and roughness will see improvement.  Again, underlying conditions and imbalances are examined and treated to provide optimal results.  Nutrition, hydration level, digestion and elimination function are key areas of focus.